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Join us for DRIVE-IN MOVIE NIGHT. October 17th...gates open at 6:00pm. Register at #driveinmovie #porsche #fordvsferrari

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2 weeks ago

The road is there. It will always be there. You just need to decide to take it with a 2- door or a 4-door. Happy Labor Day Weekend. #happylabordayweekend #porsche #porsche4door

3 weeks ago

Ferdinand Porsche was born on this day in 1875. He created the worldโ€™s first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle in 1900 known as the Lohner-PORSCHE.

4 weeks ago

The joy is in the journey! #porsche #campinglife

1 month ago

Sometimes you just have to go with the waves

1 month ago

Did you know that PCA has its own racing series?
PCA Club Racing on FB & INSTAGRAM

1 month ago

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel
Starts Sunday!!! #sharkweek #porsche #discoverychannel

1 month ago

In 1964 series production of the Porsche 911 began. You have come a long way baby!!!

2 months ago

Stay healthy and enjoy the Porsche style ๐ŸŸ