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A Big Thank To Our President John Petracco & Fellow Board Member Gary Karnes


July 16, 2020

John Petracco


Everglades Region PCA

Zone 12 PCA

Naples, Florida

An Open Letter to Everglades Region PCA,

This letter brings a huge THANK YOU! to several members of the Everglades Region PCA as well as PCA Headquarters’ Chrissie Diamonte for their help with my son purchasing his first Porsche!  As a member of the Southeast Michigan Region I have come to personally experience the PCA slogan, “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people” not just here in Michigan but now in Florida and PCA Headquarters itself.

For the last year my son Bill Kraus, has been searching for a 2014 Cayenne GTS with a number of options in what would be his first Porsche. Recently, he located a GTS in the Chicago area that was literally sold from underneath him to another person while he was test driving it. Amazingly, just two days later, he located a certified pre-owned GTS at the Porsche of Naples, Florida dealership that had literally just arrived for sale. He contacted the dealership and was thrilled to learn it had everything he wanted on the car. However, there was one huge problem. How would he test drive it, living in Chicago, in the middle of a global pandemic and with a 2 week old newborn son and 3 year old daughter making it challenging to fly?

When my son called me to tell me about the car, his excitement and his dilemma with the situation initially looked like too many barriers to overcome. In a moment of what must have been divine providence it struck me – maybe PCA and a local Porsche club could help him!  Since joining the Southeast Michigan club 3 years ago, I have been so impressed with the kindness and support of the clubs’ members. Members truly are like a family. I said as much to my son and as a member offered to make some calls on his behalf.

My first call was to PCA in Maryland where I explained the situation and need for help to PCA staff member Chrissie Diamante. Chrissie immediately understood the situation and offered to reach out to one of the officers of the Everglades Region PCA to see if a member might be available to help. Within an hour, Krissie called back and told me she had contacted Club President John Petracco who in turn offered to help and reached out to several members to see who might be available to visit the dealership. I provided Krissie my son’s contact info and turned it over to Bill and Everglades. Club member Gary Karnes offered to visit the Naples dealership and check-out the car within the day. He then contacted the sales rep George Rakowski, to set up a time to see the car and test drive it for Bill. By the way, Bill had nothing but praise for George and Porsche of Naples for their professionalism and great customer experience. Gary was fantastic in reviewing the car and providing feedback to Bill.

After a thorough walk-around inspection using FaceTime and Gary’s test drive, the word was it was a great car and in excellent condition. The deal was completed and one week later, June 30th the Cayenne GTS was on a Shaughnessy Overland Express transport from Naples headed to Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Two days later I was thrilled to watch this beautiful trailer come up the street to deliver Bill’s car. As a parent, it was so exciting to experience this great moment with him and to have had such wonderful people make that moment happen for my son.

As a family we now look forward to co-attending SEMPCA events with the Cayenne GTS and my Boxster S. I can’t wait for Bill and his young family to experience the camaraderie of club members as I have. Thank you Krissie, John and Gary. You are awesome!

With gratitude,

Rebecca Kraus

PCA #2017080883

1517 Hollywood Ave.

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236



cc: Porsche Club of America

       Southeast Michigan Region, Porsche Club of America



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