Beyond Seat Time (BeST)

Autocross School

Venice Airport

December 14-15, 2019

This past weekend a total of 21 of our PCA members and 4 guests joined us for a weekend of learning about autocross and how to drive their cars at the limit.  The weekend was broken down into 2 classes.  Saturday was our Pro/Advanced class and Sunday was dedicated to beginning and intermediate level autocrossers.

Saturday got off to a rough start as thunderstorms rolled through, delaying our start a bit while giving us and the track a thorough soaking.  By 9:00am the skies cleared, we finished our classroom session and we were ready to drive.  Our two instructors for day one were Vivek Goel from Austin, TX (the author of Beyond Seat Time, SCCA Solo National Champion and winner of many other national titles) and Bryan Heitkotter of Fresno, CA (10 time SCCA Solo National Champion, Pirelli World Challenge champion driver and the winner of so many other national titles that we can’t fit the rest of his resume’ here).  The 9 of us enrolled in the Day 1 course spent an exhausting but incredible day of learning by practicing corner entry and corner exit on a variety of corners for 7 hours that flew by as fast as our cars.

Day 2 on Sunday was a picture perfect day for our 16 drivers.  On this day, we had 5 instructors to spend the day teaching our students to push their cars to the limit.  Our instructor lineup included: Vivek Goel and Bryan Heitkotter from day one as well as Teddie Alexandrova, Tom Kring and David Wells.  We started the day with a classroom session and an exhaustive course walk by each of our instructors, walking the students through every element on that day’s course and answering all of their great questions.  We then moved to the cars and each student made several attempts at the course with their instructors in the passenger seat coaching them all the way.  We then broke out into individual exercises (slaloms, skid pad practice, braking, corner entry and corner exit).  After a much needed lunch break, we took to the full course again to reinforce the lessons of the day and, in each and every case, saw great improvement from every student.

Thank you to everyone to came out and for all the help all weekend long (you all know who you are!)  We have had a great response from all of the students at this event and very much look forward to planning another school for next year.




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