Everglades Region members attend opening night of “FORD VS FERRARI”


“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” ……….. Enzo Ferrari should have heeded these words before he dismissed the advances of Henry Ford II in 1963 to purchase his company. That historic decision and the racing drama that followed, are chronicled in the film “Ford v Ferrari”. More than twenty Everglades Region members turned out for the SW Florida debut at Regal Gulf Coast & IMAX in Fort Myers. Groups gathered for dinner at Connor’s and PF Chang’s before the movie. Safe to say that Porsches outnumbered Ford GT’s and Ferrari’s in the Gulf Coast Town Center parking lots. 

Spirits were high when members gathered for this picture immediately after the show. The adrenaline was still flowing !

While the film focused on development of the Ford GT and race action against the Ferrari 330 sports prototypes, Porsche’s do feature prominently throughout the film. A red 356 Speedster stars in the opening minutes. The early, California sports car racing scenes are filled with 356’s and early 911’s in action. Ken Miles frequently raced Porsche’s before joining the Ford GT development team. Porsche 911’s and 906 prototypes appear regularly in the LeMans and Daytona sequences. In case you are wondering, the mighty Porsche 917’s did not debut at LeMans until 1970. But they picked up where Ford left off, defeating Ferrari for two consecutive years. Since 1970, Porsche has won the top class at Lemans 19 times. Ferrari has not won overall since 1965.
Christian Bale and Matt Damon are excellent in their roles as English race driver Ken Miles and Texan car builder Carrol Shelby. Put this on your “must see” movie list ……. the story, the action, the stars and the cars won’t disappoint. 
But we do recommend a theater with a BIG screen and GREAT surround sound !
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