Tune-up Your Everglades Region PCA Membership

Tune-up Your Everglades Region PCA Membership

Southwest Florida is a melting pot of people from all over North America and indeed the world. This includes PCA members from other regions who bring their cars and Porsche passion to our beautiful corner of Florida.

So it’s no surprise we are frequently asked how to transfer PCA membership to the Everglades Region. Follow these simple steps to tune-up your PCA membership:

1) To request membership transfer to the Everglades Region, contact PCA National headquarters in Maryland. Email your request to membership@pca.org or call 410-381-0911. Region transfers can only be made by PCA National.

2) Confirm that your email address and mailing address on file with PCA are current. You can view and update this information by logging into pca.org, select the Edit tab and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you are not receiving Panorama magazines in your Florida mailbox or Everglades Region emails in your inbox, PCA probably does not have your Florida info on file.

3) Update your Affiliate member information. Every PCA member has an opportunity to designate a family or affiliate member. This can be a spouse, child, parent, sibling or friend.

40% of current Everglades Region members have not nominated an affiliate! To take advantage of this free member benefit, contact PCA National by emailing membership@pca.org or calling 410-381-0911.

Affiliate members can only be added or changed by PCA National. Include the Affiliate’s name, address and email in your request.

Questions? Contact Phil Castronova, Everglades Region Membership Chair at philipjc@comcast.net

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