Garage Potluck with Swap Meet

November 9, 2013 @ 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
4730 Enterprise Avenue
Naples (Naples Business & Storage Park)

Garage Potluck, Saturday November 9, 2013, 6 pm
4 Garages will be open for you at 4730 Enterprise Avenue, Naples (Naples Business & Storage Park)

Meeting point and gathering is in Garage # 309. Your Swap meet tables will be set up in Garage # 504. The other open Garages are # 507 and # 508.

In Garage 309 we will provide tables for the food, as well as dinner plates, beverage cups, cutlery, napkins, etc. And there you will set up your tables and chairs.

You need to bring your own folding chairs and tables, food to share – as it is a pot luck (no re-heat oven available) and your own beverages.

Please register with us, so we have an idea of the number of people wanting to sell/swap and organize the space for the tables accordingly.

If you will join the potluck, please let me know also, so we have enough dishes, cups, etc.

Deadline: November 4, 2013

Elly Bloksma –  239 263 3394

Combined with a swap meet. You can offer your Porsche bits that you want to swap or sell, like posters, books, models, parts etc. , also Christmas stocking fillers and other items.

You will need your own table and you are responsible for your goods.