Driver Education

Driver Education (DE) is an opportunity to learn to drive on a real racetrack. You typically drive in a run group of similarly skilled drivers and, if you are new to DE, an instructor will be assigned to guide you through the entire process / course. You will acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to drive safely at a high rate of speed. The goal is to have safe, high-speed fun. When you participate in a DE, you become a different, better and safer driver. You develop a set of skills and reflexes that are useable in your daily driving on city streets, country roads, and highways.

The Everglades Region is not currently hosting Driver Education events. There is significant cost to rent the racetrack, especially a circuit like Sebring, and a core team of enthusiasts and instructors are needed to put on the event. At this time, Everglades Region does not have the critical mass necessary to host on our own. However, there is potential to co-sponsor a DE event in Florida with another PCA region or car club. Your board will continue to work these opportunities.

In the interim, interested Everglades Region members are referred to our neighboring PCA regions. Suncoast Region ( ) and Gold Coast Region ( ), frequently host DE’s at Sebring and other Florida tracks. In addition, PBOC Motorsports Club (  ) and Chin Motorsports (  ) schedule frequent DE events in the region. Full details are available on their respective websites. For your convenience, here are the upcoming DE opportunities in South Florida that have been publicized:


Dec 10-11                 Chin @ Sebring


Jan 18-22                  PBOC @ Sebring

Feb 25-26                Suncoast Region PCA   

Mar 25-26                PBOC @ Homestead-Miami

April 1-2                   Suncoast Region PCA

May 13                     Suncoast Region PCA  

May 20-21               PBOC @ Sebring

Sept 9-10                 PBOC @ Sebring

Sept 16-17               Suncoast Region PCA

Oct 21-22                 PBOC @ Homestead-Miami

Nov 17-19                Suncoast Region PCA