10 Autocross Hungry Racers Compete at Venice Airport Event

10 Autocross Hungry Racers

Came Out for Seat Time At Second Venice Event.

In the heat of the South Florida summer it’s difficult to convince anyone but the diehards to come out to a late July autocross. Even more difficult on this day, as there were two other autocrosses on the 21st along with being the first day of Parade in Boca. Nonetheless, 10 autocross hungry racers came out for seat time at our second Venice event. A lot was learned from those of us who came out to our first event at the Venice airport in May and we were able to set up a challenging course designed by Tom Kring with average times in the 40 second range. With the small numbers everyone got as many runs as they and their car’s tires could handle. We all did 7 runs before lunch and then had an hour or two of fun runs after.

Trevor Jones took the top raw time and PAX time of the day in his new Audi TTRS whose all wheel drive proved to be the right prescription for the multi surface track conditions. At least the Audi is family.

Dave Wells had the 2nd fast raw time and 3rd quick PAX in his STX prepped Subaru BRZ.

Tom Kring was 3rd raw and 2nd PAX in his M235.

Jonathan Ponader was the fastest Porsche of the day  in his 2002 Boxster S.

Tom Pitser, our Treasurer, in his 3rd ever autocross continued to improve tremendously in his three events doing especially well for a novice on these difficult course and track conditions.

The full Raw and PAX results will be posted on this website, egs.pca.org, under the Driving Events – Autocross tab.

Everglades Region will be holding our next autocross on Sunday, October 27th at Buckingham Airfield. An email will go out in September with event and registration information. We are also planning a Solo Pro school for the end of the year. More details on this event will follow as we move forward with planning.

As far as other autocross club’s events are concerned, the following is a list of events over the next couple of months.

*Gulfcoast Autocrossers

Sept. 7-8th and Oct. 5-6th at Buckinham

*Suncoast PCA

September 15th at Venice Airport

*Goldcoast PCA

September 7th at Sebring

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