South Florida Autocross Drivers Tackle Sebring Concrete

South Florida Autocross Drivers Tackle Sebring Concrete

Everglades Region and Gold Coast Region joined forces to host an autocross at Sebring International Raceway on September 15th. Although best known for it’s road course, Sebring frequently serves as a venue for autocross events. For this dual PCA region event, the concrete paddock adjacent to turns 16 and 17 provided a blank canvas for the autocross course designers. Registration was open to Porsche and non-Porsche cars.

On Saturday morning, 35 drivers checked in, entering 19 Porsches and 16 “others”. The day started with a novice school attended by eight drivers including four from Everglades Region. Instructors Tom Kring and Steve Kidd reported school was a hit! Three of the novices are already planning to attend the next GCAC event at Buckingham airfield. Next on the program was the technical inspection, track walk and drivers meeting, the course went hot. With average recorded times in the 27 second range and a well balanced field, most drivers were able to enjoy eight runs in the course of the day.

Quickest raw time of the day was posted by Mike Drake from the Everglades Region driving his 2012 – 911S. Congratulations Mike!

Fast PAX (indexed) time of the day went to Everglades Region member Tom Kring, posting 19.448 seconds in his 2006 – Cayman S. Second was Everglades Region member Mike Drake, posting 19.656 seconds. Steve Kidd from Gold Coast Region was third quickest Porsche, recording 20.448 seconds in his 1989 – 944S2. It was great to have six women competing, with Zsa Zsa Blyden quickest, recording a PAX of 21.046 seconds in her Subaru Impreza WRX.

PAX and raw results for the entire field of 35 drivers can be viewed on the Everglades Region website under Driving Events, then the Autocross tab. Scroll down until you see the blue Autocross Results banner.

If you missed this autocross opportunity, stay tuned for bulletins on upcoming 2018/2019 AX events in the Everglades Region.

Special thanks to Tom Kring and Steve Kidd for pulling this multi-Region event together!