Dueling Porsche’s Take On Buckingham!

Dueling Porsche’s Take On Buckingham


37 cars and drivers tackled the chilly, concrete runways of Buckingham Airfield on December 10th in a “Dueling Porsches” competition. Based on an autocross course layout, drivers faced off in double elimination competition to determine who was quickest in each of the run groups. Instead of racing against the clock as in traditional autocross, this event placed two cars on the 1 mile circuit at the same time. Starting on opposite sides of the course, it was a race to see who could get back to their finish line first, without knocking down too many traffic cones. One cone was forgiven, two cones meant elimination. Off-course excursions lead to elimination as well. 

The four run groups represented cars of similar speed capability, leaving it up to the drivers to make the winning difference. Everyone enjoyed three practice runs in the morning. Competitive runs started after lunch. When the dust settled, these were the winners, each taking home Porsche scale models as their trophies. GT3’s, GT4’s and Caymans were kings of the jungle. 

SS + class
1. David Marcus
2. Howard Mintz
3. Laura Campbell 
4. Joe Wright
5. Ernie Revuelta
Mixed Stock class
1. Tom Kring
2. Jonathan Ponader
3. Chuck Limroth
E Street class
1. Kyle Stupak
2. Sergio Ovalle
3. Lazlo Kish
Mixed Street Touring class
1. Pat Mitchell
2. David Wells
3. Terrence  Singh

Special thanks to Porsche of Naples & Porsche of Fort Myers for sponsoring the event !

And to Gulfcoast Autocrossers for help with the course layout and onsite support !