Everglades Region PCA Board Openings

Everglades Region PCA Board Openings

The Everglades Region of the PCA is immediately seeking to fill 2 critical Board level positions, Webmaster and Social Chair. These are non-paid volunteer positions. 

Webmaster Job Description

 Position Summary:

 Maintain the club’s website with a goal to provide a top quality resource to members. 

Responsible To:

             The members of the club and Board of Directors


  • Edit web pages, post reports/agenda/minutes/files, create new links, post club and Porsche resource information as needed to keep web site current.
  • Respond to member questions and problems regarding web site.
  • Test and monitor website to ensure stability and functionality.
  • Communicate with the Board to make sure all information on the web site is current and accurate.
  • Update website as needed
  • Provide input to the Board on all matters for the development of short-term and long-term strategic planning for the club.
  • In consultation with the Board, approves or denies any requests to add links or other content to the website.
  • Conducts regular hands-on reviews of the website to identify and implement improvements.
  • Attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings to present Webmaster’s report.


  • Basic familiarity with WordPress software, HTML, websites, gmail email communications, Microsoft word. Possess good writing and communication skills.  The club/ PCA National web coordinator will provide basic training for this position to the qualified volunteer member.

Social Chair Responsibilities

  • Develop and organize social events that highlight the Everglades PCA organization. This might be a larger-scale overnight trip, party or a gathering that doubles as a fundraiser or simply an entertaining and light party-like event that promotes the fun side of the Everglades Club. As the social chair, you coordinate these events from start to finish.
  • Present and maintain the social calendar for the organization and post those events to the Region’s website. This includes events that you will attend in addition to events that you expect Everglades club members to attend.
  • Develop the social calendar and getting approval from the Board on the events you’ve planned and chosen.
  • Responsible for changes that occur as the year goes on, meaning you might need to add and delete events accordingly.
  • Coordinate all social activities with the club’s northern tier sub-committee members.
  • Arrangements for all club activities including dinner events or parties, special events, annual meeting or conferences, open houses, receptions or social mixers to attract new club members. Planning activities include developing the event’s program, including when and where to hold it and managing costs. May also schedule special fundraising events for the club or outside charitable organizations.
  • Provide leadership and direction to Board members and volunteers. In events that include performances, the event coordinator auditions professional performers, arranges their contracts and schedules when they perform.
  • Negotiates contracts with all types of vendors as needed for club events. On the day of the scheduled event he oversees site setup, vendor placement, performers, caterers and volunteers. Makes themselves available for the crises that inevitably arise.
  • Attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings to present Social Chair’s report.


Must have strong detailed planning and organization skills. Have an ability to communicate with people from differing backgrounds. Have had previous experience planning organizing and running large and small group gatherings. Working knowledge of gmail email communications, Microsoft word. Possess good writing and communication skills.

Those interested in applying for the positions listed above must respond no later than November 21, 2017.

Please contact the Club’s VP, Dave Noelken at, cdnoelken@comcast.net or by phone or 239-676-8899